Labrooy and Hathurusingha explain Mathews’ axing

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  1. okay labrooy looks like his
    okay labrooy looks like his thinking is coming from a reasonable background . But dropping anjelo is not the way to go .that being said look at what hathurusinghe is saying ???? its complete stupidity .Absurd beyond understanding .So what hes basically saying is that anjelo needs to be dropped from the team becuase hes been involved in too many runouts and that him being the leading run scorer and anchoring the sl side all throughout the sa series is utterly useless . Lol what a joke. Im sure a school kid could understand cricket better than that ?? bad calls are made due to poor decision making during the match .Its not cuz of fitness .Its just confusion at the crease .which of you remember kumar sangakkara when he was at his prime ? did hathurusighe watch sl cricket back then ?it sure doesnt look that way .If hathu was the coach back then even sanga would have been dropped on similar grounds and we wouldve lost a legend. Upul tharanga has the same problem too. Mathews has been involved in many runouts even when he was fit and just starting out .Just like sanga and UT .Its not down to fitness.Just go look at your facts and start commenting based on those facts .By the looks of it they might as well send a little school kid to speak on behalf of hathu and the selection panel to the press.

  2. Angelo Mathews involved in 54
    Angelo Mathews involved in 54 Run Outs ..!!! – 49 times the partner had to pay the price ..!!! (Only 15 times Angelo got out)- A WORLD RECORD… Wow!

    He had played 173 innings and involved in 54 run outs that is almost 1/3 of his innings.!

    That is undeniable solid proof for the point of destructive nature.

  3. so what. you drop your most
    so what. you drop your most inform and best batsman from the XI ? Instead of just calling him to the side and helping him correct the issue whilst still keeping him in the XI ? Im sure this became an excuse for dropping him from the side only after he retaliated for him being sacked as captain . Lol children shouldnt run sri lanka cricket decisions .End of story

  4. Short leg – Let’s face the
    Short leg – Let’s face the reality here without being emotional ! Did he look like a player fit enough to carry on to fulfill the intensive demands of Odi cricket to you…?? Did you see that with his overall appearance/performances in recent Asia Cup, as a batter, fielder or skipper? In such a pathetic fitness state , why make him a further burden to the rest of the guys at this point and do more damage to himself as well? He can’t even simply move to rotate the strike as needed even in a vital stage of a match& none can deny that fact after watching those matches. No need to say how critical that is to the outcome.

    Let him rest and fully recover before getting his service back. You are right, if he kept his mouth shut, they wouldn’t have dropped him, no matter how destructive that is to the team. But, that doesn’t make it right and bring back his severely depleted physical abilities.

  5. There’s a marked difference
    There’s a marked difference between Sanga’s nearly causing a run-out trying to get his partner’s 100, and Mathews being involved in 64 runouts and just struggling while running in general.

    It’s a tough, but fair, call to drop him as he is one of our best batsmen but there being 64 runouts while he’s at the crease is as acceptable as an explanation can get for dropping him.

    Hope that he comes back as fit as ever, but for god’s sake don’t make the man captain again!

  6. ok. Tvp so according to what
    ok. Tvp so according to what youre saying youd judge mathews based on just two bad outings ? how about the SA series prior to that ? and every single time hes come out of injury ? remember the champions trophy finish against india ? And surely didnt he seem fit enough to bat 50 overs when he carried his bat throughout the SA odi series . especially that 97 in colombo ? hes just been back from injury .Surely they couldve worked with his fitness or running between the wickets whilst keeping him in the squad right given that hes been in decent form and so much better than any other sri lankan batsman ? surely they shouldve made a proper call after the england tour based on proper stats rather than on what he looks like . So according to what youre saying youd rather judge a players overall fitness by what he looks like rather than through a proper fitness test ? and what about malinga ? you guys said the same thing about him too right ? He bowled at 140+ consistently in the harsh conditions in dubai even with that huge belly of his which hasnt dropped one bit since the last time I saw him .

  7. and obviously everytime the
    and obviously everytime the game comes to mathews the rest of the batsman have already thrown the game away . We’re 5 or 4 down for less than 100 every single time he comes to the crease .you cant expect the guy to do a miracle every single match .Im sure you all would have had a different view if we had won .people are just looking to pin the blame on one person instead of blaming it on all of them . That guy still manages to hang in there while the rest of the team falls like a pack of cards every single time .Yeah I guess its good to take him out from the firing line then .And do you even remember how sri lanka played prior to mathews coming back in ? WE LOST ALMOST EVERYTHING .and all you guys want to do is to justify a stupid selection blunder just based on the way he reacted to the captaincy issue .

  8. Messiah or Modaya (idiot)? I
    Messiah or Modaya (idiot)? I think both Labrooy and Hathurusingha are modayos. Why drop one of your best batsmen when the team can’t even score 200 runs because he has got run out in the past.

  9. Short Leg –
    Not really

    Short Leg –

    Not really mate.! How many time Angelo had won PoM awards after playing over 200+ Odis? Just 8 PoMs.! Is it looks like a great match winning team man’s who averaged 42? and his last PoM award was exactly 3 years ago in 2016.

    Now look at drastic difference in his personal stats in won matches and lost ones from 168 matches he played:

    Won – 76 ings – 56.53 Av – 91.72 SR – no hundreds – 16 x 50
    Lost – 92 ings – 34.65 Av – 77.86 SR – 2 x100 – 18 x 50

    Mathews’ batting During last 4 years in 60 matches:

    Won – 19 ings – 64.63 Av – 96.34 SR – no hundreds – 6 x 50
    Lost- 41 ings – 43.62 Av – 78.18 SR – 2 x100 – 7 x 50

    Compared to his career stats, During LAST 4 YRS, In LOST matches his Personal Average has gone up significantly from 34 to 43 at the same LOW (78) SR – translated in to very high percentage 68% of match losses from 60 matches he played.

    A Steep percentage increase of Match losses can be seen, compared to his overall career losses at 54% ..! This is a huge increase of 14% more losses happened, while Mathews increased his personal batting Average by 10 notches, but going at the SAME Low SR in 70s batting at No5.!

    Is this approach in 68% losses looks like a Winning Effort constructive to the team from a middle order experienced batter, coming as a finisher or someone more interested in boosting his own batting averages going at safe SR in 70s without risking his wicket at any stage to stay unbeaten (almost 1/4 of his innings)??

  10. There would be plenty of
    There would be plenty of batsmen who would not have forged an international career if these two were in charge of them…running between wickets has been a constant problem in SL…Sanath, Klau, Marvan, Sanga all had moments of madness…then there was Arjuna who liked to walk.

    Coaches come and go but don’t seem to address this…that should be coaches first priorities ensure things like running between the wickets and field standards do not drop. But they are focused on other stuff.

    But what I don’t understand is if Angelo’s fitness and running between wickets is bad in ODIs then surely it is bad in Test cricket too! Otherwise can’t be sole reason for dropping from one format and not the other

  11. I hear those of you who
    I hear those of you who oppose this but I am OK with this. Yes Anji scored runs in the SA series but where did that get us? Where was he in the first 3 games? Yes Anji can’t win a game on his own but as an experienced hand, the guy needs to impact games and series. And of course, he needs to be fitter and get rid of that belly. I mean seriously, how can you hobble around with a belly at international level today!

  12. Yeah way to go Sri Lanka axe
    Yeah way to go Sri Lanka axe your best most experienced player who is Angelow Matthews. Sri Lanka’s problem is not of lack of cricketing talent. But the lack of talent on those supposedly running Sri Lankan cricket. I am sure there is probably another Sangakkara, Jayasuriya, De Silva or Jayawardene waiting in the wings from the Sri Lankan school and club system. But we will never know who they are or to be the next cricket stars for Sri Lanka because they are never picked these days. In the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. Sri Lankan scouts were good at picking from the immense talent Sri Lanka has and the selectors back then quickly promoting them to the team. Players such as Sangakkara, Jayawardene and Matthews. SL needs to go back to the old days and look at what they used to do right. Sri Lanka is badly letting down their supporters in Sri Lanka and around the world these days. Also what happens when Sri Lanka goes to Australia next time? There is a big Sri Lankan community there who have solidly supported Sri lanka they are not going to be happy when Sri Lanka visit there next time. Upto Sri Lanka to shape up before then.