Labrooy and Hathurusingha explain Mathews’ axing

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  1. okay labrooy looks like his
    okay labrooy looks like his thinking is coming from a reasonable background . But dropping anjelo is not the way to go .that being said look at what hathurusinghe is saying ???? its complete stupidity .Absurd beyond understanding .So what hes basically saying is that anjelo needs to be dropped from the team becuase hes been involved in too many runouts and that him being the leading run scorer and anchoring the sl side all throughout the sa series is utterly useless . Lol what a joke. Im sure a school kid could understand cricket better than that ?? bad calls are made due to poor decision making during the match .Its not cuz of fitness .Its just confusion at the crease .which of you remember kumar sangakkara when he was at his prime ? did hathurusighe watch sl cricket back then ?it sure doesnt look that way .If hathu was the coach back then even sanga would have been dropped on similar grounds and we wouldve lost a legend. Upul tharanga has the same problem too. Mathews has been involved in many runouts even when he was fit and just starting out .Just like sanga and UT .Its not down to fitness.Just go look at your facts and start commenting based on those facts .By the looks of it they might as well send a little school kid to speak on behalf of hathu and the selection panel to the press.

  2. Angelo Mathews involved in 54
    Angelo Mathews involved in 54 Run Outs ..!!! – 49 times the partner had to pay the price ..!!! (Only 15 times Angelo got out)- A WORLD RECORD… Wow!

    He had played 173 innings and involved in 54 run outs that is almost 1/3 of his innings.!

    That is undeniable solid proof for the point of destructive nature.

  3. so what. you drop your most
    so what. you drop your most inform and best batsman from the XI ? Instead of just calling him to the side and helping him correct the issue whilst still keeping him in the XI ? Im sure this became an excuse for dropping him from the side only after he retaliated for him being sacked as captain . Lol children shouldnt run sri lanka cricket decisions .End of story

  4. Short leg – Let’s face the
    Short leg – Let’s face the reality here without being emotional ! Did he look like a player fit enough to carry on to fulfill the intensive demands of Odi cricket to you…?? Did you see that with his overall appearance/performances in recent Asia Cup, as a batter, fielder or skipper? In such a pathetic fitness state , why make him a further burden to the rest of the guys at this point and do more damage to himself as well? He can’t even simply move to rotate the strike as needed even in a vital stage of a match& none can deny that fact after watching those matches. No need to say how critical that is to the outcome.

    Let him rest and fully recover before getting his service back. You are right, if he kept his mouth shut, they wouldn’t have dropped him, no matter how destructive that is to the team. But, that doesn’t make it right and bring back his severely depleted physical abilities.