Zimbabwe one win away from final, Sri Lanka face embarrassing exit

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsAfter a thrilling win against these opponents in the second match of this series, Zimbabwe will be looking to make it two out of two against Sri Lanka and put themselves into the final against hosts Bangladesh. It was Zimbabwe’s third consecutive ODI win against Sri Lanka having beaten them twice…

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  1. Oh yes, talismanic power to
    Oh yes, talismanic power to nose dive SLC. Both Mathew & Chandi are the stumbling block of SL short format cricket. They are champions to dip strike rate and give pressure to partner to go for hasty shots. Hathura already translated SL ODI to next level, King of Minnows by bringing Hathura’s buddies as captain, vice captain, Asst coach and bringing test players into ODI. SL remains as minnow unless SLC take action to bring Pothas as head coach. Massive hit on cricket revenue is on the way as no one wants to watch minnow cricket. Very likely ZIM trashes again as at least Chandi or KM has to play.

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