When will we address our fast bowling deficiencies?

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsWhen SLC put up the Pace Academy under Rumesh Ratnayake with Champaka Ramanayake as his understudy, there were several talents that emerged, but none went onto make a big impact other than Lasith Malinga.

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  1. When will SLC address a
    When will SLC address a multitude of issues, including fast bowlers? When the looting stops! It really is that simple folks, the administrators are too busy and distracted looting and pushing agendas with the eye off the ball as far as managing the game. How long have we be saying on this forum on the need for proper wickets at first class cricket?

    We don’t have to invent the wheel here, just need to follow India. Look at India’s fast bowling stocks and think back to say 20 years where they were? We had Vaas and they had Srinath (not sure who but one decent pace bowler) and we both had a string of pie throwers to back up the one seamer. Today India can pick between possibly 5 seamers depending on the wicket. Which has also resulted in their batters being able to handle pace and don’t fold at the first sight of some chin music. We just need to be smart enough to learn and move but to do that – the looters must be pushed out.

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