Thoughts from a fictitious South Africa batsman: This isn’t how it was supposed to be in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsWait, hang on. This is not how it went when we played these okes last time. Remember that game in Johannesburg? Ah, what a Test. Our quicks were so good then, and these Sri Lankan batsmen so fearful, they were practically racing each other back to the dressing room…

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  1. I thought Andrew jumped the
    I thought Andrew jumped the gun when I read this today but the SA batters duly obliged with an even worse performance in the second innings to bring total relevance to this read. Yes it’s only one test but world apart from the SA series in SA. Nothing new and it’s not just a SL issue but everyone keeps going on so much about our inability to play away from home (which is true but it’s not just us!), it’s great to see SA being thrashed in SL!

    Hey even the mighty Indian team, ranked #1 lost in SA. Sure they competed more than we did but that is why they are ranked #1. The point being, it is common for teams to struggle overseas.

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