The need to fix fielding woes

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsCaptain Angelo Mathews was not willing to admit that dropped catches has been a curse to his team. He was rather blaming the batting claiming that Sri Lanka should have chased down both targets against Bangladesh and Afghanistan. He himself was culprit putting down one of the five catches…

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  1. “Sri Lanka’s poor Asia Cup
    “Sri Lanka’s poor Asia Cup campaign should bring about change and infusing young blood is the only way forward for a struggling team.”

    Is this guy for real? Where do they find donkeys that write articles?

  2. Fielding is like the culture
    Fielding is like the culture of the team and there is no such thing as a competitive team that fields poorly. That is when competitive team lose! If you want to win, you just have to take your catches folks, simple as that. It’s rule 1 of cricket and no wonder we are missing the basics.

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