The bitter pill

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsIt is stale news now, but ODI skipper Angelo Mathews has resigned. That is closer to the truth than the screaming headlines and swirling rumours which spawned from elsewhere, stating he was sacked. He wasn’t. He was requested

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  1. The first thing that needs to
    The first thing that needs to be said is never ever mention Kholi and Mathews in the same sentence – it simply makes no cricket sense!

    The next thing is good to SLC take up a stance to not just put up with mediocrity despite the apparent lack of talent and options. Although it does beg the question why did they make him captain when Anji himself stepped down not too long ago when we lost to Zim under Anji?

    Finally, Anji needs to make his place count and impact games. It’s not enough for him to rock up and make a few runs after the series is lost! His role is to impact the series early and give us a chance. The good news is if he is good enough, he can still prove his worth and make it count.

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