Test cricket is under pressure –Du Plessis

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsFinancially – the game is not going five days anymore; people are losing a lot of money; day four and five you don’t get crowds coming in anymore. It’s important that Test cricket is stronger for me. It is still the pinnacle of cricket.

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  1. This guy is nuts. He ordered
    This guy is nuts. He ordered doctored pitches in SA when SL were there last time and going to do the same again when SL toures again. Then what on earth is he talking about test matches not lasting 05days???
    The defeats has certainly made him go bonkers!!

  2. I have mixed responses to his
    I have mixed responses to his views…some venues were producing flat tracks to make the game last 4 or 5 days and that was just as damaging to Test cricket. Certainly Australian wickets partly because a lot of them have become drop in pitches have lost some of their traditional characteristics and becoming flatter!

    If one pitch in a series favours the batsmen only or bowlers only okay..just not a whole series. Need a balance in the series.

    Ideal pitch used to be something like the traditional Gabba one…good carry and bounce. Something for the quicks early on Day 1, then good batting track before taking turn days 4 or 5.

    End of the day you want even contests between bat and ball and results!

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