Sumathipala Accuses Muralitharan To Forget his Past

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsThe SLC president further claimed that he his administration rescued Muralitharan several times in past, during his troublesome career.

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  1. What is this sumathipala
    What is this sumathipala winging. whole world knows politicians destroying cricket in Srilanka. other thing it is a joke to say that PALA rescued Murali several times. that’s why you were elected as the president of cricket at that time, it was your duty. S.PALA PL. don’t talk nonsense. Now you expect Murali not to talk about cricket corruptions and politician’s involvement in srilankan cricket just because your administration helped murali in the past, what a shame talk is that. so you want all the cricket loving public including Murali to keep quiet and turn the blind eye for all the corruptions,malpractices and politicians involvement in srilankan cricket and let you guys to destroy srilankan cricket. Bull s**t, go home man. everybody knows what you and your henchmen have done to srilankan cricket. pl. go home without destroying SL cricket any more.

  2. Not following what the
    Not following what the honorable thief is saying but then again I am no thief! Lets for one moment SLC did rescue Murali and given Murali every change. So what has this got to do with politicians destroying SLC? Absolutely nothing but I guess if you were a political thug and thief, the would somehow make sense.

  3. As usual HT (Honorable Thief)
    As usual HT (Honorable Thief) barking at the wrong tree. As suggested he should take a break! WE are in a MESS because of all the political appointments to SLC…… There is no comparison between Murali and HT!. In gratitude to SLC Murali has given us the greatest bowler in the world.

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