Sri Lankan government takes action against Sri Lanka Cricket, leaves SLC President fuming

Sri Lanka Cricket News“I am saddened by the action of an individual, which has led to cricket being run by the government like nowhere else in the world,” Sumathipala said after his term ended on Thursday without an election to appoint office bearers…

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  1. Bullshit statement. this guy
    Bullshit statement. this guy ruined Srilankan cricket by appointing his close corrupted Free Bulls (friends who didn’t want to develop cricket rather than filling their pockets and doing all the wrong doings they wanted to enjoy easy cash from the cricketers hard earned money) all the srilankans wanted this Bookie to be kicked out of srilankan cricket board to make it a pure and unbiased cricket board free of corruptions. See what this guy did at the final moment of his tenure before being kicked out, HE appointed Hashan Thilakaratna as the under 19 Coach even though he didn’t apply for the position, this shows how Biased this Board Chairman who is trying to convince he is very clean and honest, what a joke is that. this shows he doesn’t respect the legal procedures of appointing any one to any position related to cricket in srilanaka and he is the sole owner of it who can take his own decisions as the chairman. this incident is more than enough to prove his wrong doings also this is unfair and very bad treatment rendered to qualified coaches who applied for the position. Hashan knows he is not suitable for this position that is why he didn’t apply for this post but Chairman wanted to win his heart and make another mess and appointed Hashan as the U19 coach at the very last minute before being kicked out of as the Chairman.

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