Sri Lankan fans troll AB de Villiers for his comments about the tour

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsThe South African team is struggling in the ongoing Test against Sri Lanka and the fans had a message for AB de Villiers. Former South African captain AB de Villiers who retired from all forms of international cricket in May this year still had a placard dedicated to him in the ongoing Sri Lanka…

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  1. Now AB de Villiers has to eat
    Now AB de Villiers has to eat and taste his own Pooh. This fool had forgetton how Sanga and Mahela established a highest world record partnership against South Africa in Colombo. may be that was also OFF Season. KARMA CAME BACK TO Retard AB de Viller’s team. hey Fool don’t ever insult other teams. we all know You are licking INDIAN IPL TEAMS BACK for money. we were waiting for you to visit Srilanka with this team to KNOCK YOUR DIRTY WICKET down for ZERO through out the series and give you your off season taste, may be knowing that this foolish retard Retired before that. what a shame now we give you an open invitation to give up your retirement and come to srilanka and show your off season colours against Srlankas inexperienced but gutty cricket team who handed an humiliating defeat to your own country cricket team. to remind you, another foolish joker like You from South Africa called Kepler Wessels also made a foolish idiotic comment like this Retard de Villers sometime back when srilanka visited S.Africa and he also had to eat and taste his own Pooh like Dirty Villers when srilankans beat South Africans in on that tour. so Both Retard Jokers got Karma Boomarang to them for insulting srilankan cricket. so only thing we can know from this is these two are Born IDIOTS. Good Luck Idiots. keep on eating Pooh.

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