Sri Lanka president to talk to Sumathipala over Cricket crisis

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsPresident also promised that needful action will be taken for the betterment of country’s most popular Sports.

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  1. Sri Lankan cricket was
    Sri Lankan cricket was threatening to be like this for some time and now it has finally happened. This present team lacks fights, passion, pride and above all self-respect when playing for their country pls ask the Afghanistan team they show more pride. The seniors not delivering but talking a lot of crap all comes down to MENTAL TOUGHNESS this team has none or shows none on the field when the goings get tough their heads drop this even happened when the 3 super seniors were playing like the famous world cup 2011.
    This present SL team though it is hard but true should be relegated to the second division and play against the associates take 5-10 years playing with teams like Scotland, Ireland, Afghanistan, Nepal, UAE etc and work up like in the early 80’s, these youngsters will get to know how hard it was for the past cricketers to gain test status which resulted in so much of money coming to these youngsters at such a short time. The main problem the present young cricketers get rich too quickly by logging in the t20 format and really is found wanting at the international stage 50 over / test formats. A great example is Tissara Perera, J Mendis, Kapugedera, Maharoof, Munaweera, Ajantha Mendis to name a few they got money to quickly and forgot the fundamental rule you need to work hard on your shortcomings to successful for long period in the international stage, most of these players are sort after for all the international leagues but are so inconsistent/useless when playing for Sri Lanka this suggests there is some problem here this is what the SLC has to investigate.

    The biggest problem for Sri Lanka is even the SLC management is corrupt, poor management, lack of self-respect and this is a deadly cocktail which will or has ruined the most treasured brand in Sri Lanka. Here both the past and present administration are at fault, not one party. I do not see this being rectified soon or maybe I am wrong time will tell but one thing is for sure Sri Lanka will have to play world cup qualifiers with the associates that are in a bookmaker’s language heavily odd on.

    The present administration has done some good things but some recent cricket results and the conditions they played some teams leave one wondering if there is some sought of underhand element influencing the results or decision within the SLC. Do not forget there is a lot of gambling happening on sports, not saying it is happening in SLC but people will be suspicious. Sri Lankan should seriously look at bringing in Arjuna though he has his faults one thing he will do is instil self-respect and pride for playing for your country not just talking and not delivering. You do not need to talk Kholi about the transition you can speak to Arjuna he has more experience and knowledge on this do not forget he led a talented bunch who was getting beaten by all and moulded them to world beaters so who would have the better knowledge? Sri Lankans do not value their own that is clearly known by all even globally. If Sri Lanka does not bring Arjuna to lead their brand from this big hole there is no way out or maybe it is already too late time will tell, Arjuna should appoint to lead the cricket matters and there some change at least in the player attitudes and behaviours on the field. Another thing SLC should seriously stop is contracted players, playing in t20 leagues because this t2o game does not improve your game it ruins your game, the main thing I see all these youngsters have forgotten the value of singles and two’s instead they want hit sixes and fours and bat 20-30 balls get a quick 30-40 runs get out, this does not help in 50 over format or Test format.

    A lot going wrong in Sri Lankan cricket the management is mostly held responsible, then the players because if you forget your priorities then you and your country are finished. Then the 3 seniors who retired are also held responsible big time because as the saying goes you should try and fix problems in your house before trying to fix problems in the other people’s houses hope you understand the logic. The bottom line they did not set the right example by stressing that t20 cricket helps in the development of a young cricketer this clearly is not true there is plenty of Sri Lankan examples; they should have just said it helps us earn more money than playing for Sri Lanka which is more understandable. All need money but I think the present Sri Lankan player playing for your country they earn enough to live happily in Sri Lanka when you get greedy then the repercussions are severe and SL cricket is paying for this heavily.

    One last thing when selecting players to represent your country pick players from villages, cities, respected schools or even schools unheard off, players who speak English, Sinhala or Tamil but above all pick players who will have passion and pride when representing 20 million and players that will not let quick money influence their behaviour this is where the background of the player is very important, we can see clear examples in the present Sri Lankan side. If Sri Lankan administration does not get tough on all these t20 leagues happening in the future most Sri Lankan cricketers will be freelance cricketers playing in different leagues around the world, SLC should identify 20-30 passionate cricketers who will lay their life for the sake of SL cricket and keep them motivated, pay them handsomely while let the rest leave and play whatever cricket they want to play.
    This is a hard call but does the SLC has the balls to do this will remain to be seen?

    invest money wisely I always believe SLC should be run like a company where the sales and marketing, finance and investments, media & communications are all handled by respected professionals full time and the cricketing matters by past cricket players with knowledge of the game and gain the word self-respect and passion for the country and the game.

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