‘Sri Lanka, in these conditions, are too good for us’ – South Africa coach

Sri Lanka Cricket News“We’ve got very capable batsmen – world class batsmen – in our dressing room, and they are hurting at the moment because they haven’t performed to the level that we expect in Sri Lanka,” South Africa coach Ottis Gibson said. “In the past, Hashim Amla and Dean Elgar especially have got runs here.

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  1. Hey Gibby This is how the
    Hey Gibby This is how the cricket goes, with your enormous experience You know better than anybody, when Asians travel to countries like Australia, England, New Zeland and South Africa we are all struggling with the green fast wickets and when those boys travel to Asians countries they are also struggling, but they struggle more than Asian boys. It’s understood with the fast moving ball coming like a Super Sonic Plane to Gutty Asian Boy’s face and Body (deliberately delivered) by Aussies, Englishmen, New Zelanders and also South Africans to find the victory easily and fast on Green fast wickets on which those boys are playing from their childhood, unfortunately those boys are struggling very heavily on the Asian pitches where the ball is coming very slowly to bat giving the batsmen ample time to get adjusted to the the spinning ball. i cannot understand this logic. only one thing i can understand that is the Asian Boys are more capable of getting adjusted to any condition at any time. any way this is how the game is going. before concluding this i just like to know where is that A B de VILLIERS Alias “Mr.OFF SEASON” Hiding these days is he hiding in the South African Thick Jungles avoiding seen by other world cricket playing Nations as he can’t face the cricket playing public for the Foolish Comment he made mocking Srilanka and it’s world class cricket and It’s cricketers, who have won a world cup but not so called Soutj Africa.

  2. To SA Coach Gibson,
    It is

    To SA Coach Gibson,

    It is interesting to hear your humble explanation about SAs’ pathetic situation facing at the movement.
    There are 2 things I like to eleborate here: first SA captain should follow as what he say:”we shouldn’t try and get a hundred in 79 balls, but in 198 balls. He got the right recipe, but, for his team to follow his example he should be batting the way he believes. Not the way he think aggressively in the field, He should try and play the game- score runs, just because he thinks he can come over the accurate spinners; he doesn’t need to hurry… this is test cricket… isn’t it?

    Yes… he can come over if he use his mind and ability in a constructive way to over come the spinners, but not grudgingly? Secondly, your world class batsmen need mental preparation over every tuff situation in the field.SA surely have one of the best cricketers but do not undermine the world class cricketers of Sri Lanka. They are capable of turning tables …If they pick the right team for the right match . I am very persuaded about the right thinking and planning of the SL coach. Hathurusingha,he must be preparing the right team to have a go in SA next turn. About SAs’ riverse swing will not be helpful in every continent. Also, for SL fast bowlers will not have a difficulty in bowling the reverse swing in SA.SL is capable to have fast bowlers and,have bowlers to come back to SA in few years I believe…. But, this will not be the end of the road for both teams, and winning and loosing is a part of the sportsmanship!

    Good luck SA & SL for entertaining the rest of the world with your game of cricket. My last opinion is… SAFRICAS week points were exposed now,and the team have the responsibility to take charge of that and become humble before the cricket loving world, surely not pride!

  3. We have no issues with SA
    We have no issues with SA struggling in SL and it’s nothing new. They have won here once in a blue moon and many before them have got lost in SL. The most recent being the last #1 team Australia who lost 3-0!

    The issue is when the reverse inevitably occurs, the take is very different. There is usually a lot of ridiculing of the losing opponent and calls for 2 levels of test cricket etc. After our last tour I think SA actually cancelled the next tour (I could be wrong). I once recall Kepler Wessles claiming the second string SA team would beat us. The point is even if that were the case you need to be humble and if you are not, the fall will hurt!

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