Sri Lanka cricketers to receive pay hike, Malinga not on contract list

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsHaving cut salaries last year, a now-financially stable SLC will return player payments to just above their previous levels. Some national players had had their earnings trimmed by as much as 30%, when SLC moved to a performance-based model of remuneration in 2017. But the board has now announced…

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  1. Privileged Mathews,
    Privileged Mathews, Chandimal, Dimuth (all 3 batters from Colombo’s inner circle) and bowlers Herath /Lakmal (luckily no competitors from Colombo circle) were given category A contracts, while SLC’s stepchild BATTER hailed from elsewhere(Tharanga)was given only a B contract, despite his equal or more valuable contributions to SL in past year.

    What kind of standardization is this? How can anyone justify this double standard, highly bias treatment?

    Chandimal in 2017: 20 odis – 400 runs – 23 Av – 61 SR was one of the clear culprits responsible for dooming so many Odis during past year. Yet he got A category purely on Tests.

    Mathews was a total failure in Tests during past 2 yrs:
    15 Tests – 29 ings – 860 runs@ 29 Av. What had he done in past year to grant Category A ? When was the last time he won a MoM award?

    Dimuth K was given Category A purely on his Test performances; topping 1,000 Test runs in 2017 (as Upul Tharanga did in Odis)

    But Tharanga’s much harder & significantly unique achievement was not recognized in equal terms as usual to reward him fairly. Why?

    Upul Tharanga was one of the only 3 odi players in world cricket to make over 1,000 runs in 2017 (25 odis -1,011 runs – 48 Av – 92 SR – 2×100+ / 6 x 50+ his hundreds against SA & Pak & a 95 Vs India). He made those valuable runs for SL single-handedly, while rest in the team, miserably failed even to come close with their bats to salvage SL in many Odis. Upul even created a SL Odi record carrying his bat throughout an inning Vs Pak trying hard to win a match, but there was not a single batter capable of remaining at the end to support him to make those few runs needed to win.! This was the story in 4th Odi in SA, where UT made 119 from 90 balls @ 132 SR Vs SA in Capetown.!

    No matter how you look at it, none can deny the fact obvious to anyone. This proves the point I have stressed in my recent blog.

  2. @Cricexp, After your text
    @Cricexp, After your text Andrew just jumped in to Madu River. I hope he didn’t sink unlike his favourite player who is good in sinking the whole ship(Our team) with his extraordinary fielding!!

  3. Horns are hard permanent
    Horns are hard permanent outgrowth, often curved and pointed, found in pairs on the heads of some little-brainy beings such as cattle, sheep, goats etc. But in IC forums we can find a special kind of such beings with their eyes located on their back-ends, causing a totally inverted vision as seen here.

    No wonder why they see cloned crocodiles in teacups….and these pitiful beings don’t have enough brains to grasp a point or any capability to oppose it with any sensible comment. So pathetic.. and this is all that they could come up with!

  4. Only thing I don’t understand
    Only thing I don’t understand is why the last Category is called Premier.

    I expect captains and vice captains whomever they are top be Cat A, the rest follows so no complaints with them getting in highest bracket. Unlucky for Thisara though.

    Not sure if there is a weight towards different formats or those that play all 3 formats coming into the next breakdowns.

    Andrew any comments on Thissara being Cat C instead of higher or Malinga not there at all or you only obsessed with Tharanga?

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