SLC looking for a permanent solution to Mathews’ injury

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsSri Lanka Cricket (SLC) is awaiting experts’ views on injured Sri Lanka skipper Angelo Mathews to decide the best approach to get the 30-year-old cricketer back in full action. While the other national players are on duty in Bangladesh, Mathews is at home after his latest hamstring inj…

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  1. The Mathews situation is
    The Mathews situation is crazy and its messing about with our plans as this guy is in and out of the team. What’s worse is in typical SLC style, they appoint him as captain – a bloke who misses more cricket than playing! Anji should be our number one batter and in the front line but firstly, he is hardly on the park and secondly when he is, he is hardly making any runs.

    For me, as I have said many times before, he needs to stop bowling and concentrate on being our best batter. We know he can as he has in the past but being in and out is taking away form and momentum and its taking him and us no where!

    Tough decisions have to be made and I reckon, stop bowling and get back on the park and we can talk.

  2. We can’t blame Mathews for
    We can’t blame Mathews for this issue but the SLC is acting in an irresponsible manner by appointing him once again, the captain for the shorter formats, with a world cup is scheduled for next year. Australia faced a similar situation with their World cup winning captain Michael Clarke, but they quickly appointed Steve Smith after realizing that Clarke’s spinal problem can not be solved in a shorter time.

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