SLC CEO Includes Match Fixing Suspect Into Management Committee

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsAshley De Silva has included him into Management Committee, along with COO Jerome Jayarathne and Financial Manager.

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  1. Pushpa, why don’t you reveal
    Pushpa, why don’t you reveal to everyone here for the reason being here sticking to this site as a rash. As I have mentioned many times why don’t you post articles about the match fixers including your past cricket board president who’s son in law got caught red-handed. As for Chennai winning the IPL. I am sure there is more to it than what everyone sees on naked eye. If you are genuinely interested in doing something good for the game of cricket as a journalist, write something which can be good for the game. Which I have reservations about. Go and clean your own backyard before posting articles which is almost worth the hair between your crack stained with faeces.

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