Sanath Jayasuriya and Aravinda de Silva concerned about future of Lankan cricket

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsCurrently in the UAE as a member of the tournament technical committee, Jayasuriya couldn’t hide his disappointment at Sri Lanka’s early exit. “It is very painful to see the current status. There is no pride in our cricket at the moment. When you lose, you are under pressure, but you should be…

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  1. Now it is Sanath and Aravinda
    Now it is Sanath and Aravinda trying to get into the scene. They say that their are concerned about the future of SL Cricket. But, I think they are thinking of WC 2019 in ENGLAND. What fun can they have if they can go to England in some kind of an official capacity? I think this is what they are after.
    I feel that Mathews( not 100% fit. That is why he does not want to bowl) , Malinga(Spent Force. Pathetic fielding) and Dilshan(Age 42) are also dreaming of a “TRIP” to England with their family members.
    It is better to send few young players to WC 2019 instead of these oldies who can not win the WC anyway.

  2. I don’t know about Sanath,
    I don’t know about Sanath, but saying things like this to Aravinda hurts my heart. I hope you’re a kid or a teenager and not a grown adult.

    Aravinda was involved in SLC about a year ago. He even said in an interview that the money he received from SLC for working with them, he returned it. He did for the love of the game. He was asked to join SLC by the current Sports minister as well. If he wants money or want to travel with the team why don’t he join? He is a businessman, he doesn’t need a job from SLC to survive. Comments like from the people above me is just pathetic.

    I know this isn’t a good time to be a fan of SL right now, and people just want to blame, but this is just immature, uneducated and just plain stupid.

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