Sack captain, sack coach but don’t talk about real changes

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsRight. Okay. This is pathetic, isn’t it? Knocked out of the Asia Cup basically before it has even begun. A big 91-run loss to Afghanistan, following an even bigger 137-run pasting by Bangladesh. Appalling. Someone needs to be held accountable for this garbage. How far Sri Lankan cricket has fallen.

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  1. Yep perfectly summed up
    Yep perfectly summed up Andrew, lets just sit around talking about sacking everyone. It’s what we started doing from the day Sanga retired. For a while it was ‘need time to rebuild’ but now its ‘lets sack everyone’. Even on this forum, there is so much time spent on opening with Upul or why is Hathu paid so much.

    I am not claiming I have the answer but its certainly has to be at the top. A handful of thieves were never going to take us anywhere. Yes we were blessed with some real talent which allowed the thieves to take a lot of credit. Now it’s time for the real men to do the hard work.

  2. Sacking is easy.coping is
    Sacking is easy.coping is much harder.

    It is not a question of finding faults or accessing how much coach get his salary. These questions are better known to the ones who hired him.

    1. Captain Mathews right now , without argument not 100% fit enough to be am arounder and; simply he is not even fit enough to be an example of a player who can catch difficult catches or running between wickets. So it is easy to understand he must get his fitness right to be the captain. like Lasith who came after one year with a good physic and have room to improve in coming ,.performing bettet tgan before. Who has arguments? Perhaps politicians have questions but not all of them.

    This is cricket not politics.

    Matte and many players who play ODIS are Test players.Look at sLC standings in ICC ratings. Isn’t this the reason why the batters struggling to score runs as needed to . It is not they are bad batters or like needed pep talks or mentaly to be stronger. They are strong enough to play their game, which is test cricket. I am not suitable to select any player but I have a suggestion if somebody want to consider. Bring young.energetic players who can score runs – ODI RUNS -who can aggregate over 100%. I REPEAT NOT TEST PLAYERS. The prest players in the ODI team , 70 % of them are good test players including Mathews.So this not anything to do with sacking but having the right players for the right positions.

    2. Fielders – before you judge anyone go back to the players who have caught the maximum catches I’m first class cricket. Simple way is better than complicated or Sophisticated high performance academies. So far we haven’t chop anyone.

    Hathurusingha is not best of best coaches when it comes to select the combinations nor Labroy is the best selector ? I know we have a big question here. There want be any questions if we have the right players for the ODI ‘s. So…you cannot select someone who does not have the ability to perform the white bowl game.
    Chang …change not anything else but the whole team , of cause. 70 %.

    Akila,de Silva, Malinga,Dasun Sanaa are to be cosier for the up coming tour .

    The rest upto the right selectors to find from the A team and under 19 team.

    It can be a foreign thought to SLC, but there is nothing more can be surprise

    Than we are now I truly believe SLC eed a revelation not anything else nor new ideas to destroy further cricket board money unnessasraly.

    My sincere thought is call Arujuna, MuralI , Aravinda and Sidath to have a discussion together ( these guys are not afraid to speak the truth) and get consultation further.

    No fear ….when it comes to change. We All need to change or turn 360 degrees if we need a new life in SLC.

    God bless SLC.


    Stop finding someone to blame. Yeah Mathews isnt an amazing captain, Hathurusingha isnt a magician. But changing either one of them or both of them isnt going to FIX our problems.

    I have been trying to say this in comments here, but people just blame blame blame. I guess just dumb people. No critical thinking.

  4. Andrew Fidel is always there
    Andrew Fidel is always there for that clueless skip, Angelo Davis.
    Being an Andrew Fidel, he may feel it is inappropriate to not to be biased towards an Angelo Davis.

    He is talking about 18 matches last year in which Mathews wasn’t captain, why not this year? This year in ODIs we’ve got 4 wins 1 loss without Mathews where with him as captain, only 2 wins and 5 losses.

    Those 18 matches this man is talking about were all against RSA IND PAK, where is favourite son has a habbit to lose to ZIM BAN AFG SCO.

    This man should be sacked for sure.We are going no where with this clueless, pathetic, selfish skipper.

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