Sachin Tendulkar’s Son Arjun Dismissed For Duck In His India U19 Debut Against Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsSachin Tendulkar’s Son Arjun Was dismissed for a duck on his India U19 debut against Sri Lanka.

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  1. who cares if the son of your
    who cares if the son of your living god in memory scores duck? It is as much importance to hair in a crack for a Srilankan.

    The story is not about the son of god scoring a duck it is about India winning. To rub salt in the wounds to all Srilankans who visit this site. This is how you do your creative cunning work as an Indian journalist. This is not the first time or will be the last time we see your creative cunning journalism. I caught you out few times first when you wrote an article about Sri Lanka but it was all about your MS Dhoni. There are many more examples I can draw to all Srilankans about this low life Indian masquerading this site in the pretext of being an Srilankan supporter.

    If anyone who pays attention to this guy will understand that this guy is all about negativity of our team and staff and management.

    why don’t you leave this site for good and let us worry about our team. Who the hell are you to post articles after articles painting a picture of our team is dire straights.

    Didn’t we just beat South Africa you idiot?

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