Pitch fixing

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsThere could not have been a greater advertisement for Test cricket than this summer’s Test series in England. Two evenly matched teams locked horns and battled for supremacy in a series which was of great significance to both sides. Not in living memory have India run so close to winning a ser…

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  1. Good article. But IMHO they
    Good article. But IMHO they are neglecting the pitches and they end up as spinner friendly wickets. To prepare a good pitch you need resources,and I do not see our corrupt system providing the required resources to make good pitches.

  2. While there is some truth in
    While there is some truth in this article, its sadly yet another “fixed” article usually from the countries who can’t play spin. The Indian fast bowler story is correct and very relevant but anyone recall the pitches the BCCI rolled out the last time SA toured? Don’t recall seeing a blade of grass or fast bowlers in full flow – instead they were rank turners that even India found hard to bat on. So lets get off the high horse and face facts.

    Fact 1: Asian teams, particularly SL have always relied on spin to compete at international level so lets get over the fairly tale from England, Australia and SA that we will suddenly produce green wicket to aid their seamers on the first day. Why would we do that when our strength is spin? We may not have fast bowlers but we are not stupid to make conditions that give others the advantage!

    Fact 2: I don’t see anyone complaining about conditions or games finishing in 3 or 4 days on a green top that no one can bat on. How come ‘pitch fixing’ only comes in then spin is in the air. No talks about pitch fixing when the wicket is green. I recall a test at the ‘Wanderers’ in JHB when the press reported they could hardly differentiate the wicket from the outfiled? Isn’t that doctoring the wicket to suit your fast bowlers and negate Herath? Yes it is, it’s called pitch doctoring.

    Fact 3: Asia is spin friendly! Has always been and will always be and that doesn’t mean one needs to doctor a pitch to get spin. Wickets always spin in Asia. This is the reason it’s common for Asian team to go in to a test with 3 spinners. This is nothing new or anything to do with doctoring a pitch, it’s just the way it is. Accept it and get over it and lets get on with it. We don’t come to the WACCA or Wanderers and complain about the pace and bounce – its just the way it is and has always been.

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