Pathetic Sri Lanka humiliated

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsAfter the defeat against Bangladesh in the Asia Cup opener, Sri Lanka suffered yet another embarrassment on Monday when they were defeated by 91 runs by Afghanistan. The former champions were thus knocked out of the tournament.

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  1. In the previous series Vs
    In the previous series Vs mighty SA also Dickwella scored a superb 69 runs with TEN FOURS – going at 88 SR ! he was the 3rd highest run scorer in that series – scoring 158 runs at 32 av – 82 SR !!

    Keeping a rotten dead weight Kusal Mendis continuously to doom SL Odis is all right for SL, is it? That seems quite all right for our wise Coach & skipper!

    BTW, did he score a single 50 since the last 50 Vs poor Zmb 15 months ago in June 2017? NOPE…! Thsat is all right too….

    DO you know how many runs Kusal Mendis had collected since then playing in almost every ODI with the courtesy of our wise coach HATHURUSINGHE ?

    Kusal Mendis had labored to scratch JUST 267 RUNS WASTING 22 ODIs, at a Fabulous 13.35 AVERAGE – 74 SR.! since his last 50 in June 2017 !!!

    How is That.? Excellent contribution for the team SL no…? ha ha haa

    Isn’t this Very CONSISTENT EXCELLENT Record is sufficient to cement his place in SL’s every ODI playing XI up to the WC ? LoL

    But Kusal Mendis belong’s to the Capital City Boy’s Club of Emerald Island no… so let him Open next series with Chandimal in Odis Vs Eng next month & in all Odis up to WC to reach the pinnacle…..LoL

    – “Mendis Special” – batting since Jun 2017:;spanmin1=01+Jul+2017;spanval1=span;template=results;type=batting;view=innings

  2. When cat ((Hathura) s**ts on
    When cat ((Hathura) s**ts on a rock, no way to cover up. Absolutely shocking that Dikka was not opening today. Why, why, why clumsy, unfit Mathew loser in ODI team? this time, the Sicko sent Shehan under bus the same way did to Dasun in last game. Please retire w/o torturing SL fans for good. Utterly disappointing performances by head coach and it is a reason to be sacked out of contract. Wish, Hathura will be kicked out at the end of round robin stage by hire authority that keeps a blind eye. Team for next game: Opening pair UT/Dikka(wk), Dhana de Silva, KJP, Shehan Jayasuriya, Dasun, TP, Akila, Shehan Madushanka, Suranga Lakmal (Capt), Slinga.

  3. Firstly I should start by
    Firstly I should start by saying I hate myself for not being able to give up on these guys!

    I don’t find the defeats shocking, I don’t find the losses unexpected, but what I DO find shocking is that we are the only team where you get a promotion for under performing as a player. Eg Kusal Mendis, has been in terrible form, scores ducks being 1 down, then gets sent in to open. As if we have a solid middle order who can steady the ship. Every player in this current team (except Akila Dhananjaya) is looking for a place to hide because they are terribly out of form and have zero confidence, they may not say it because they want to be in the team but that is the honest truth. I have played club cricket for a long time but I am not a cricket coach, it ONLY took me a few games to realize Kusal Mendis will never make it big because he has plenty of technical flaws. So many great people including the current coach, captain, past players etc… kept saying he will be our next best thing, but sorry NO ONE makes it big over a long period of time with a flawed technique. Otherwise you have say The tendulkars, Sangakarra’s of yesterday were just playing well time and time again by sheer luck, which is NOT true. The World Cup is already looking way out of reach for US. But here is my suggestion if we at least want to try :

    1 – Dimuth Karunaratna and
    2 – Tharanga must open.
    (Over the last few months I feel that Dimuth has grown as a player, Test Cricket is always the test of real skills. He has shown patience and grit and here’s hoping he can transform that into the ODIs)
    3 – Dhananjaya DeSilva or Kusal Perera as one down. (Dananjaya has a solid technique and can also bowl a few overs). Kusal has got plenty of experience. I trust one of these players to come good soon.
    4 – Chandimal,
    5 – Matthews
    These two make up 4 and 5. (They have the most experience from the current lot and have to be in the team)
    6 – Roshen Silva (A good lower middle order player who can hold an innings together. Again has good temperament and technique)
    7 – Dickwella (Wicket keeper and lower middle order batsmen) or Kusal Perera if he is not in previous slot
    8 – Thissara or Dasun Shanaka (I would simply pick this based on need, if you want a strong batting line up go with Dasun or a stronger bowling option Thissara might be the option)
    9 – Akila Dhananjaya (The only player who is an automatic selection amongst current players)
    10 – Suranga Lakmal – He has to be our number one fast bowling option based on performance over time.
    Malinga is great has done great things but we cannot be a team that chooses on sentiments, we have done this over and over with many players and its not how the top teams do it. They simply select based on performance over time not a single game or a single series.
    11 – Malinga / Chameera / Pradeep
    But I still think we need a left arm fast bowler. We need variety to attack. We currently lack that, all our fast bowler are very much the same except Malinga and unfortunately he is not in his prime.

  4. The most important thing that
    The most important thing that has to be changed is the captaincy. SL won’t achieve anything in ODIs until Mathews resigns from his position for the second time. Every series he takes SL cricket to new lows.

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