Past cricketers must unite to clear up the cricketing stables: Pramodya Wickremasinghe

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsPramodya Wickremasinghe an integral part of Sri Lanka’s ICC cricket World Cup winning ensemble says it is high time that Sri Lanka Players Association shelve all their differences and come out in one voice to save the day for cricket in Sri Lanka.

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  1. Lets not fool ourselves
    Lets not fool ourselves folks, past cricketers are not going to fix SL cricket. Past cricketers don’t even want to be associated with SLC! The Government is the only body that can fix SLC so lets not confuse ourselves by focusing on meaningless things.

    We know what the fix is, it’s not a mystery. If some of us including Promodaya are still struggling here is the starting point: Get rid of the 140+ voting system on office bearers. This is what allows thieves and thugs to get in to SLC, loot and stay in by distributing the loot to the 140+ who voted them in!

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