Once trailblazers, now whipping boys – Sri Lanka’s downward spiral

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsSri Lanka lose to Bangladesh and Afghanistan and the cricket world takes little notice. While it is exciting that emerging and emergent teams can do this kind of damage, it is worth looking at Sri Lanka’s slide. Until recently they were unbeatable at home, punching above their weight overseas and a

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  1. Hathurusinghe, Mathews, Kusal
    Hathurusinghe, Mathews, Kusal Mendis mainly pushed all others including millions of SL fans to eat the humble pie…… Three Cheers for them!

  2. Just in regards to comment #1
    Just in regards to comment #1 The only ones that need to eat humble pie are those cocky idiots that posted or stated nonsense like Russell Arnold. Everyone else does not!

    Wins and losses happen in sports….if you don’t adequately prepare and address issues at hand the inevitable is going to happen.

    SL went into last WC in shambles and were lucky Afghanistan did not field better or would have lost to them then and there!

    Since then lost a series at home to Zimbabwe, Lost a Test match at home to Bangladesh, lost a tour game to Scotland, failed to make tri-series final at home. So does this performance come as that much of a shock and surprise!

    What is a surprise is people like Arnold stirring up other nations hence they have to eat the humble pie…I saw one SL fan say SL will easily hammer Rashid Khan cos they see such bowlers all the time and have no issues…well I wonder if that fan watched the WC game with SA and can explain how better caliber batsmen than at present could not handle JP Duminy?

    It was several years ago that Arjuna said it is only a matter of time before the side consistently loses to Bangladesh. Well that has happened now. In that period the administrators seemed to be focused on keeping power/positions within SLC that addressing issues…just perhaps it needed these kind of losses to emerging sides for something to happen! That we can only dream!!!

  3. Delano spot on. There are so
    Delano spot on. There are so many issues with SLC it requires serious administrative and governance overhaul. This will ensure focus is on cricket and not the board. Right now there is no focus on cricket and it shows. The team is unfit, unfocused and pampered too much. I thought Hathuru will kick their butts but seems like he’s battling the administration and cannot focus on cricket.

  4. Really good article(Once
    Really good article(Once trailblazers, now whipping boys – Sri Lanka’s downward spiral) here from Indian cricket writer Anand Vasu regarding the heights Sri Lankan cricket achieved from their unlikely and momentus win in the world cup held in India and Sri Lanka back in 1996, and maintained those heights most of the time until recently and where they are now. I agree one hundred percent with every word in Anand Vasu’s excellent article regarding Sri Lankan cricket I echo his sentiments totally. I am a fan of Sri Lankan cricket as well as Indian cricket both teams play entertaining cricket when they well with that exciting subcontinental flair. I would like to see Sri Lanka do well. As a cricket fan I would like to see Sri Lanka regain their previous good status in the sport of Cricket. I wish them best of luck for the future. Sri Lanka can take a leaf from their big South Asian neighbour to the north India on how to be at the top of the tree in cricket for long periods of time without losing their top position in cricket. I hope Sri Lanka bounce back to how they were before. Because Sri Lanka is a highly entertaining team. It will be a big loss to cricket as Anand Vasu says if Sri Lanka goes down the tubes and don’t regain good status in cricket that held until recently. Anyway I wish Sri Lanka cricket the best of luck for the future.

  5. Great read and well said
    Great read and well said @Delan82. Once were warriors and we can only dream now. Admin in total disarray unable to even re-elect themselves in a total corrupt system which is reflecting in the team performance.

    Speaking of Afganistan, anyone recall what their bowling attack looked like in the last WC in Australia, where they pushed us all the way? It was 2 or 3 top quality fast bowlers who are now no where to be seen replaced by 2 teenage spinners. That folks is when you say we have talent.

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