Mahela emphasises the need to embrace significant changes

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsAs Sri Lanka’s woes continue to grow in international cricket, former Sri Lanka cricket skipper Mahela Jayawardene urged local cricket authorities to embrace the significant changes taking place in world cricket to be a competitive force in international cricket.

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  1. No way Mahela. whatever
    No way Mahela. whatever happens not only to Cricket even to this country, this country’s foolish arrogant uneducated corrupt politicians don’t want to change their money earning policies. no matter we loose every thing including the country these politicians ignore every thing and have their deals operated according to their wish. see what has happened to our spots not only cricket. every sports has gone to the dogs just because all the sports have been haunted by politicians and their supporters. until this bad practice being wiped out no sport will flourish in this country. All the politicians came into power do not work according to what they say before coming into power. that is the main reason our beautiful island facing at the moment. also when uneducated jokers come to the politics nothing will go right.these are the backgrounds we are experiencing in every field in srilanka now. only the GOD CAN TAKE ACTION against these destroyers.

  2. Yes agree with Mahela. Need
    Yes agree with Mahela. Need to strengthen domestic system to get back up.

    As for national Team they have a couple of months to try plan and get things right for next series. Need to get selections correct in each format including the captaincy and vice captaincy.

    With the pace bowlers still continually breaking down and/or being wayward and inconsistent wouldn’t hurt to get someone like Ian Pont to have a look at actions of young quicks and how to maximise their speeds and look after their bodies. Not everyone will agree with me but money better spent addressing something like this than some of the wastage of recent past by SLC

  3. Yep he and others have said
    Yep he and others have said this for many years and some lessor knowns have raised the same issue on this forum. We all know the issue with the clubs and 147 clubs selecting the office bearers who continually plunder and feed those who select them and somewhere in the back, cricket goes on. We must change this joke and professionalize the game. We keep talking about 1996 but that was then and the game has evolved leaps and bounds. We must stop fooling ourselves like a bunch of drunk clowns, it’s time to wake up and do the right thing. But my guess is nothing will happen and the looting will continue but may be these last few loses will wake us up.

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