Kumar Sangakkara’s titans of cricket: Brian Lara

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsI had quite a few conversations with him later on in his career. One time he’d just opened a new bar and lounge in Trinidad, and I was invited to an evening there. We talked cricket, we talked batting, we talked West Indian cricket. He admitted that sometimes he got frustrated that these talented gu

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  1. Yep what a great players and
    Yep what a great players and I recently noted, if there was one guy you had to watch, Lara would be my pick. As Sanga notes, Lara had an amazing ability to dominate and tear apart the best bowlers and he’s done it to everyone.

    Remember this guy as a youngster making an insane 277 – you knew he was special which he was.

  2. This is going to be a war. We
    This is going to be a war. We will show to them who the f*** we are f***ing ICC, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, England, Australia, south Africa, west indies, Afghanistan and all of them. This bulls**t is personal they are willingly attacking our cricket. There is no doubt that ICC want to eliminate Sri Lanka from the cricket. dont even think to expect pitches that favor our cricketers in the world cup. We got a preview of what type of wickets we going to get to the world cup in Asia cup. Possibly even worst than that. screw ICC. It’s now the time. this series against england need to be the one. this is the moment that will decide the fate of Sri Lanka cricket. No matter who is playing, who is not playing put your life on the line every single match you are playing. Or else f***ing die.

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