Kamindu Mendis is the best of the best

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsFor young Kamindu Mendis the path is almost clear. Up to now his record has spoken for itself and that mere fact made our task of selecting Schoolboy Cricketer of the year was made easier that we thought. While at school when at walked on to the crease for Richmond, he scored hundreds and he was…

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  1. Most indian 17 year old are
    Most indian 17 year old are smashing international bowlers and picking international wickets in IPL which is very competitive unlike our school system , but our media has chosen to over hype mediocre players with other agendas in their mind and that’s y Sri Lanka is not producing quality cricketers anymore as schools push their own by pushing away the real deserved talents away and promoting kids only from SO called “ BIG SCHOOLS“.

    The above articles says best of the best which is Sarcastic statement as kamindu is not even in top 10 run getters even in under 19 World Cup and our useless media is promoting him like they have found a DON BRADMAN. if he is so GOOD then y did not he feature in top ten bowlers/BATTERS CATEGORY IN ICC UNDER 19 World Cup.

  2. DON BRADMONs can be found
    DON BRADMONs can be found only from Capital-city schools..LOL

    Kamindu Mendis (6 ings- 180 runs @ 45 Av – 122 SR) tops the
    19-World Cup batting list as the ONLY batter to maintain the most productive combination of above 40+ average while hitting over 120 Strike Rate.!

    Nowhere near Bradnman’s class as some nuts expect from our lads..LoooL. But,isn’t this really productive batting with some international class?

  3. If U think he has done
    If U think he has done brilliantly means your level of knowledge on the game is such that it would be pointless to argue , hugely inflated average with not even single match winning knock to show and without a single man of the match performance tells the story ,meanwhile what he is achieved against stronger teams in under 19 WORLD CUP???! Can u give the scores… roflllll …, lolllll…. lol.. we don’t need a another chandimal …hooooo…, hoooo… lol… joker..

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