It’s Time!

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsThe ‘Think Tanks’ within SriLanka cricket are similar to ostriches. They hide their heads in the sand hoping their problems would go away. There is no clinical assessment or logical thinking applied to their future planning. And they pay the price time after time, with unerring regularity.

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  1. It’s certainly time and this
    It’s certainly time and this is a great read. The Mathews role needs to be seriously considered. This guy is supposed to be our rock but is and out and all over the place. He gave up the captaincy didn’t he? After losing to Zim at that, so why are we appointing him again. He and we both know he hasn’t what is takes so what are we trying to prove?

    Also this over weight players issue is plain disgusting and unacceptable in the multi-million dollar international cricket arena. For crying out aloud they were laughing at Rantunga for being over-weight in the 90’s. In this day and age where fielding is a third skill, pot bellied players waddling around lethargically is not acceptable in limited over cricket. If we were every wondering why we are so poor at fielding this could be a factor. If your most senior players are not serious about fitness or fielding it rubs off on the team – just look at India under Kholi!

  2. Apparently, SL coach is stuck
    Apparently, SL coach is stuck in IRON gridlock of inflexible administration that fully devoted to safe guard status quo until the SLC revenue sources depleted. Sports Minister hinted that getting thrash by Afg & Ban is a minor thing. I guess, he meant that fixing needs only a minor tweak. Because the unfit, mediocre player with captaincy that brings negative liability, can be easily replaced by an emerging younger domestic star (such as Ashen, Aslanka, Avishka etc), which hopefully, will happen before Eng series. Nevertheless, experienced, specialized players bring their unique talents against strong opponents. UT (solid, brisk opener), TP (match winning slugger) & Slinga (experienced death bowler) are part of core players of ODI in world tours. Please, never mess up the opening pair, UT/Dikka again due to petty politics. DDS, another opener, should be cemented at #3 slot of ODI. Never break the momentum including batsmen with a mindset of playing test cricket (Mathew, Chandi, KM) in middle order. Lower order accelerators (KJP, Dasun, TP) are the rest of core. One ODI slot should not be wasted just for captaincy. Meanwhile, the star talents (UT, TP, KJP) should not be burdened with captaincy either. My pick for captaincy for next ODI series is either Dikka (wk) or Lakmal or Akila. Instead of being rigid, please, please, please, be flexible for required changes, but stick with fundamentals that bring stability in ODI team for the sake of SL cricket fans.

  3. Stormy, you seem to have all
    Stormy, you seem to have all the answers. Why don’t you pad up and bat the next time!? Quit being a keyboard hero, and learn a lesson or two about unconditional support! That’s what makes you a true supporter!

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