Is Graeme Labrooy Misleading Sri Lanka Fans on Lasith Malinga?

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsSurprisingly, as soon as Malinga announced his intention of mulling retirement few days ago, Labrooy resurfaced again, from nowhere.

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  1. Yes Of course. this free bull
    Yes Of course. this free bull LABROY is jealous with Malinga, that is the main reason behind Malinga’s omission from the previous tours. now when Malinga is set announce his retirement this Idiotic man is telling a new story, Bulls**t. this man is not suitable for the post of chief selector’s position. this guy is a very BIASED Joker. everybody known who was behind the under 19 cricketer Boyagoda’s case. CHIEF SELECTOR must be Honest, straight forward, unbiased and not be a Gossiper. but this Chief selector is having the other side of these. this guy will select any one for his personal benefit. what a shame. pl. without insulting this chief selectors post go home. without making foolish stories.

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