IPL has been a big help for Perera

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsSri Lanka’s left-handed top order batsman Kusal Perera is the man many are looking to in his country to win matches in the Asia Cup. “The IPL is a big advantage for us because we get to know the bowlers and batters around the world very well,” he said…

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  1. I cannot believe SLC (and
    I cannot believe SLC (and some fans) made such a fuss about our lads playing in the IPL but this is no longer an issue thanks to the total lack of talent but the reality is IPL is a great learning ground for all players. International cricketers (even the English) are now falling over each other to be part of the IPL and when we had the chance, we were sitting around talking rubbish on the merits of the IPL. Today, we would pay to get a few of our players to play in the IPL!

    Kusal, finally is beginning to show some signs for what he can do. He has played a few notable ‘one man show’ knocks in recent times and hopefully on the way to seal his spot in the top order and give some real smoke to the top order.

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