India hire Sri Lankan throwdown specialist to counter left-arm threat

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsIndia will have an additional hand helping them out at the Asia Cup in Dubai. It would be the left hand of Nuwan Seneviratne, a throwdown specialist from Sri Lanka, who has played two first-class matches. The idea behind hiring Seneviratne is to primarily counter several left-arm fast bowlers…

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  1. Check out the level the BCCI
    Check out the level the BCCI is at and no wonder they are the #1 ranked team in the world and one of the top one day units around. Anyone watched the recent tour of England? The Indian fast bowlers were probably on par with England although no one can compete with Broad and Anderson, both with over 100 test matches. Yet the Indian pace attack was faster and bowled brilliantly. This didn’t just happen but planned by the BCCI for ages. They actually changed the nature of pitches in India to the extent that there were as many seamers as spinners in the top of the Ranji trophy.

    Remember the Calcutta wicket? Yes it was a notorious dust bowl with wicket turn but today it’s a seaming wicket where pace bowlers play a role. That folks is how you administer the game. Sure they have their issues but who cares if you are the number 1 team in the world and one of the best one day outfits in the world.

    SLC needn’t try to out do India, it’s too late for that now, after all there was a time India just couldn’t beat Sri Lanka. We just need to learn from them on how to run the game. Yes there is corruption in Indian cricket and yes there are selection controversies but like I said, who cares if you #1.

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