If anyone wants to buy time, please don’t use us – Mahela

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsFormer star cricketer Mahela Jayawardane has rejected the request made by Sri Lanka Cricket selectors to be a consultant to the Sri Lanka Cricket and said that “no previous recommendations were implemented and I don’t have any trust in the system.”

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  1. You are Right Mahela. Bookie
    You are Right Mahela. Bookie S.Pala and Rural Dancer Dayasiri Just Played a game and ruined srilankan cricket. Both of them pretended to be honest and ready to develop srilankan cricket but behind the scene they had their own agenda. main thing they wanted was to enjoy cricket money not any other thing. Pala Good for Bookie and D.Sira good for big talks and Rural Dance. both of them were not suitable for the job. Now whole world knows these people have taken money from Alosys so do you think these opportunistic political jokers didn’t enjoy cricket money. they played a very well planned game pretending as the saviours of srilankan cricket.now both perpetrators have gone after destroying the srilankan cricket.we all the srilankans hate and curse those two opportunistic jokers for putting the srilankan cricket to a place where it is at the last breath.

  2. Yeah well played Maiya – just
    Yeah well played Maiya – just like that glorious cover drive of yours! I didn’t think Hathu should have joined SLC now and certainly don’t think Mahela and co should. These are a bunch of very competent thieves and thugs happily feeding themselves to the cash our boys earned. All they want is to legitimize the shameless looting by washing it with Sanga-Mahela and co. Really glad to see the legends are on the ball. Stay away boys and come when the looting stops and the constitutions is changed and the admin is made professional.

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