Fifteen percent of television money goes missing

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsSri Lanka Cricket is facing further scandal after it was revealed that 15% of the money that Sony the official broadcaster had paid SLC for the just concluded South African series had gone missing. It was revealed yesterday that instead of the money being cred…

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  1. Thilanga Sumathipala is a
    Thilanga Sumathipala is a disgrace and is representative of everything wrong with Sri Lankan cricket. This loser never played cricket at a high level but his corrupt machiavelleian mind saw cash cow gold mine opportunity in Sri Cricket when they won unexpectedly the WC in 1996. This corrupt individual should have been replaced decades ago. He and his corrupt buddies is why SL cricket goes from success to failure very quickly. As he pockets all the dollars,rupees, pounds, shekels. He is sought of corrupt individual who would be more at home in the corrupt world of Sri Lankan politics than in the SL cricket set up.

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