Ex-Sports Minister unmasks Ranatunga’s hypocrisy

Sri Lanka Cricket News“They were friends from their school days and Arjuna is the one who helped to bring Thilanga as a vice president to Sri Lanka Cricket for the first time and later he became president and Arjuna was the captain. Was he (Ranatunga) that ignorant not to realise Thilanga’s connection to the betting indu

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  1. Anyone for planing the WC
    Anyone for planing the WC which is within a year? Here’s the problem folks, all the big boys are talking rubbish while no one is looking after the game. We all know what Nishantha Ranatunge did while he was SLC admin for yonks? So why did this Honorable Minister not do anything about while he was the Honorable man? Why tell us about this now when we knew it and documented it on this forum all along AND called for action. Bunch of morons the lot and quicker we find a way to get rid of this menace the quicker we can start to fix the problem.

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