English fans consider boycotting Sri Lanka tour due to unreasonable ticket prices

Sri Lanka Cricket News“With Test Cricket under threat all round the world it seems utterly shameful that Sri Lanka Cricket and its agents should be allowed to take advantage of the one group of supporters that travel abroad in great numbers.”

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  1. I think there has to be
    I think there has to be two-tier prices for local and visitors like they have for everything but 10-15 pounds a day for a standard seat is more reasonable. With higher prices for more premium seats/packages.
    Certainly can’t bre selling ticket for 1 pound!

    Caterers will make money as English like to eat and especially drink so would be logical to have more outlets available.

    You would think OHS measures are in place for all grounds to host international games but who knows

  2. I don’t get this from SLC,
    I don’t get this from SLC, this is an opportunity to get numbers in to the ground and make something of this. Our test matches are often poorly attended and her we have a crowd willing to come from overseas to attend the test match and SLC are still unable to make a plan!

    I am not convinced by the different rates for foreigners either, they don’t charge you a different price when you visit Lords or the MCG. Even if we find a good enough reason to charge foreigners extra, it should be a reasonable amount like say five fold.

  3. I know where Delan is coming
    I know where Delan is coming from, but agree Stormy, I’m not so sure about different rates for foreigners for sporting events. Cultural heritage sites etc – no problem. The rates that SLC are charging are beyond ridiculous and exploitative. No touring country comes close to a fan base like the England tours and the benefits to the economy are not just match ticket sales. To try and scam them therefore is short-sighted and unethical. Hope they come to their senses and revise their charges to something more equitable.

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