England tour of Sri Lanka in doubt after allegations of doctoring conditions

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsNews of altering the pitch conditions to influence the outcome of the upcoming Galle Test between hosts Sri Lanka and England, has not just thrown England’s impending tour beginning October in doubt, but has sent shockwaves in the world of cricket early on Saturday (May 26) morning after…

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  1. I am not sure how much
    I am not sure how much doctoring is required to prepare a rank turner on the sub-continent but the main issue here is not the preparation of rank turner, which we would do in any event, but the fact the groundsman can be influenced with money. Also this is not just a groundsman matter but it goes in to the SLC administration and is a serious concern. However, if we keep electing thieves to run a professionals game, don’t expect those down the line to be conducting themselves any differently.

    I don’t get why the English tour is in doubt though? Last known match fixing was in England as far as I am aware (the Mohamed Amear spot fixing episode), and I don’t recall any tours being put on hold. Neither do I recall any tours to India being put on hold after the BCCI prepared atrocious turners for the SA tour a few years ago. Yes there could be one rogue groundsman (and in SL’s case a pack of thieves running the game) but lets not put tours on hold. If you really want to assist, the ICC should stop funding SLC till they put in place some professionals – that should see most of the thieves run to the next gravy train.

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