Dilshan hints he may come out of retirement

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsFormer Sri Lankan Cricketer TM Dilshan (42) has hinted he could return to International Cricket since the national team is struggling.

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  1. Why OLD cricketers like
    Why OLD cricketers like Mathews, Malinga and now Dilshan want to be in it? They want to go to ENGLAND in 2019. They will say playing for Sri Lanka is the highest honor. Do not believe them . It is COMPLETE BS. These guys want to take their families to England and enjoy. Who does not want Business Class travel, star hotels and other perks? These are what most our cricketers are after. I am sure you remember Sanath coming home several times during tours when he was the chief selector.

    Recently, I was lucky to get an upgrade to Business class. I did not feel the 14-hour flight. I slept like a baby. The seat slides into a bed. The meals were great.

    I heard that Malinga takes his parents on tours. Mathews may like to take his baby along with his wife. Dilshan, same crap. Why can’t they do these off season? I am sure that they have enough money to do so. But, they want to FREELOAD. Cheap!

    I think that a cricketer who takes his family members can not FOCUS 100% on cricket. Once the focus goes, fielding practice, running between the wickets and other basics take a back seat and what happens on the field is not pretty.

    Mathews should be dropped on fitness. The guy is always worried about his leg while running. I am sure that this problem caused the two run outs during the Asia Cup. Despite this obvious fitness problem with Mathews, I am surprised that Sangakkara is promoting his friend Mathews.

    In addition, I believe that Mathews is Sumathipala’s Man. Sri Lanka lose, Sumathipala wins. I am sure you know what I mean. To get rid of Mathew, Labrooy, another Sumathie’s man, should be removed. As far as Labrooy is there as the chief selector, Sri Lanka is bound to lose lot of matches.

    Malinga is not fit at all. His fielding is pathetic. We don’t want him. SLC have failed . SLC management has not yet groomed a young fast bowler to replace Malinga. It is high time to do so.

    I feel that the intention of some of our cricketers to play for Sri Lanka is to:

    1) Have a nice annual income thru a contract

    2) Get a T20 contract like IPL.

    I think winning a match for Sri Lanka as a team, is not a priority for some of our players. They play to make sure their places are secured for the future matches. How many times have we seen players getting out after a 40 or 50 without converting it to a big score.

    Bad intentions, bad results!

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