Devapriya resigns as Sri Lanka women’s team coach

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsSri Lanka Women’s team coach, Hemantha Devapriya, tendered his resignation with immediate effect, an SLC release stated on Thursday (June 14). Devapriya, who was in charge of the side since October 2016, cited personal reasons for his resignation, four months prior to the expiry of his contract.

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  1. What Personal Reason, it was
    What Personal Reason, it was a bloody lie. he is not the correct man for the job Too Old and his tactics are out dated that’s why we lost to a team like THAILAND WOMEN’S cricket team who are novices, what a shame man, it’s good this guy Resigned saying Personnel reason before being Kicked at the back to go home. BOOKIE PALA and DEVAPRIYA were very close school mates that’s why Devapriya was given the coaching job even though his coaching was not up to the inernational standard. now we can say BOOKIE destroyed both MEN’S AND WOMEN’S cricket in srilanka. we CURSE these Muppets.

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