Danushka Gunathilaka in trouble again

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsOpening batsman Danushka Gunathilaka has come under the spotlight again after he returned home early from the Asia Cup in UAE with a suspicious back injury. Gunathilaka was ruled out of the six-nation competition after he complained about back pa…

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  1. The article, at the end, says
    The article, at the end, says that Shehan Jayasuriya took his girl friend to UAE without permission. Some players think about having fun instead of focusing 100% on cricket. Ban all WAGS for 2019 WC.

  2. This uneducated idiot is
    This uneducated idiot is uncontrollable better to kick him out of the Srilankan cricket for ever. Enough is Enough. this type of animals are not suitable to represent the country to bring disrepute to the country and the cricket.

    Other man Sehan Jayasooriya is another idiot, what has happened to these Fools, may be this idiot would have thought he is going on Honeymoon. these people don’t know they are representing the country, they don’t take their responsibility seriously, they take every thing very casually. this guy also must be punished seriously, otherwise others also start to follow this Fools practice.

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