Chandimal, Hathurusingha and Gurusinha suspended for two Tests, four ODIs

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsThe International Cricket Council came down heavily on Sri Lanka captain Dinesh Chandimal, coach Chandika Hathurusingha and manager Asanka Gurusinha for acting against the spirit of the game in the second Test against Windies in Trinidad last month.

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  1. Foolish Judgement by ICC.
    Foolish Judgement by ICC. even though srilankan trio has explained, the delay caused by not only from their fault, it was totally due to the miscommunication among Two umpires and inexperienced SRINATH. The Judical Commissioner Michal has not listened to explanation and given the harshest punishment because he does not want to make INEXPERIENCED INDIAN referee unhappy. This means they are scared of INDIAN CRICKET BOARD. we are surprised how Chandimal and other two get away from death sentence from this judicial commissioner for the bull sh*t spirit of the game. this type of foolish punishment make srilankans more stronger not weaker. may be this man must be thinking from this type of inconsistent judgement they can demolish srilankan cricket, No way man already srilankan cricket team has won the first test match against number 2 ranking South Africa, FOR our three Heroes. this man must be thinking by imposing this type of punishment he can destroy Chandimal and Hathurusingha’s career. it may be a Day Dream for You guys. this punishment is same as Darrel Hair’s No balling of Muralidaren. later we came to know it was a pre-planned call by Darrel Hais. so we are ready to take any challenge. Chandimal and other two are our Heroes and You all are Zero.

  2. I am afraid this was as
    I am afraid this was as expected. You cannot just bring a test match to a halt disputing the umpires decision regardless of if they umpire was right or wrong and have pleaded guilty this was expected. For Chandi who on the edge on the points system, will miss more games soon! Good lesson on being disciplined and respecting the game.

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