Bit of Mr. Cricket in Roshen Silva

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsRoshen hails from Ragama. He lives right opposite the Basilica Cricket Ground and attended Basilica School. His talent was spotted by respected cricket coach Harsha de Silva and Roshen was given a scholarship to St. Joseph’s. He was an important cog in the wheel of the cha…

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  1. Easy to say this in hindsight
    Easy to say this in hindsight but why didn’t we play his all this time? We have been playing all sorts of clowns for the last few years looking for batter yet this guy has been on the sidelines averaging over 50 at first class level. In 3 tests he has played 3 sensational knocks under pressure showing just the sort of mettle that we are looking for but the guy is 29? I mean think of the clowns who we have tried in this time.

    We don’t have to go far, we played Gunathileke ahead of this guy in tests and Danushka averages 32 at first class level! Remember we recalled Mubarak! I mean what were we thinking if this guy was around. As I said it’s a bit unfair to say things in hindsight but this guys had the runs others didn’t (like Thirimane!) but still didn’t get a chance.

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