Barmy Army war — SLC on damage control mode

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsSri Lanka Cricket (SLC) on Friday went into damage control mode after the Barmy Army’s incensed reaction to what it said were exorbitant ticket prices for the upcoming England Test tour of Sri Lanka. The sport’s governing body is now offering the fifth day’s play free of charge for all visitors who

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  1. SLC are struggling to
    SLC are struggling to organize a piss up in a brewery! For crying out aloud what is the issue here? Test cricket is crying for crowds in SL and here we have a whole bunch of them willing to come all the way from England, which is a tourism boost to the local economy, and these guys want to rip then off!

    I am not sure how it works in other countries but if I were to rock up to the MCG to buy a ticket, no one asks me which country I am from, neither is there any confusion the ticket prices are available on-line. You just buy a ticket and walk in and watch the game period. How hard can this simple act be made that we need to have this long discussion in the international press about buying a ticket for a test match!! Ok I understand the MCG is not Galle but this is still a simple and straightforward routine transaction.

  2. Yep true about MCG if tickets
    Yep true about MCG if tickets remaining and not sold out.

    I always thought Barmy Army had tickets as part of tour packages that included other activities in the place they were visiting with few options. It’s a long time since I was a financial member of Barmy Army and only joined a couple of trips so not sure what they do now.

    The Gold Coin day entry at SCG was based series won and result inevitable and crowd sales for previous days they could have done it at MCG too but CA refused.

    If you are going to let people in free or for $1 might as well be local kids given chance to see their heroes in action. That is important that SLC ensures young kids get this opportunity and that the prices are not too ridiculous in relation to cost of living that a child (accompanied by an adult) can not afford to go…that is how you inspire your next generation of young cricketers. Watching on TV is ok but experiencing a game at the ground is different.

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