Angelo Mathews dropped from ODI squad for England series

Sri Lanka Cricket NewsDays after he was removed from the limited-overs captaincy, Angelo Mathews has been dropped from Sri Lanka’s ODI squad over fitness concerns. Mathews has responded almost immediately, demanding the selectors allow him to take a fitness test…

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  1. is this a joke ?? what basis
    is this a joke ?? what basis are they dropping mathews on ? Hes been sri lankas best batsman whenever he has come out of injury , whether he has a belly or not , whether he looks lazy or not .whatever the reason maybe , they cannot just ‘guess’ that a presons fitness is lacking . ofcourse the same applies to malinga .Theyre sri lankas best whether they play with one leg or a potbelly or with their eyes half closed .Stop abusing these great players .Just give them the freedom to go out their and express themselves without worrying about constant media abuse by both the slc and social media .This is pathetic to see .Obviously they need to go through a proper fitness test to deem their fitness instead of just ‘guessing’ based on their physical appearance .Cuz we all know what mathews did in the SA series and we all so malinga bowling at 140+ in the asia cup even with their huge bellies .Ofcourse a fully fit malinga and mathews would be the best in the world going around but they need to be given some time to get back to that level .whatever said and done a half fit mathews and malinga are miles better than any other players weve got .Stop This Abuse ! we all know how we loved watching Angi anchor SLs batting all throughout the SA series .Cut the bullshit drama . Sl has enough probs to work on atm. and theyre NOTHING without guys like angi and mali.

  2. If SL batsmen were ranked
    If SL batsmen were ranked based on last two years stats of int’l and domestic, short format matches, then Mathew was not top 10 dynamic batsmen. Of course, he may have passed the fitness test, but his fitness is not good enough to be in national ODI team for quick runs. Nevertheless, Asia cup loss is due to three players, Akila (let down in Ban game), Dikka (not utilized at all), and Angi presence in ODI. I think Chandi, Angi and KM are only good enough to be in test-format. It is another blunder to bring Chandi into ODI eleven while Ashen, Aslanka and Avishka, the future dynamic guns are available? Wish Bandula Warnapura takes the lead and break this iron grid. I remember his double century against int’l team. It is silly to hold back a legend for a blunder made 50 yrs ago. My team for Eng ODI: UT, Dikka (wk), DdS, Ashen, Shehan, KJP, Dasun, TP, Akila, Malinga, Lakmal (capt). Reserves: Danus, Chameera, Asela.

  3. This is the way to get
    This is the way to get Cricketers into their places by the Admin. When you are not an “Yes” man you are targeted….. this not only happens in Cricket all over Sri Lanka. No place for meritocracy……..and thus SL will remain the same forever……

  4. The coach needs to be asked
    The coach needs to be asked why he he requested Angelo as 1 or 2 players not to do fitness (yo-yo) tests because now look what has happened.
    He has said he thought he may re-injure himself?

    Better to prove fitness before hand then send people onto field and whinge after! If they are not fit and going to break down left them do so at training!

    The people that made such decisions in the first place should be the ones answering.

    They made Dimuth return via the A side and waste his time in Bangladesh when another opener was needed in the Caribbean.

    There needs to be some consistency in how players return to national side post injury, what the fitness requirements are for all players, and how captaincy and vice captaincy selected to.

    If the captain is going to take all the blame and responsibility especially for losses Then the coach needs to back off and let them run things. This ain’t like other sports.

    Coaches are over-rated at the top level in cricket, they are better and lower levels where they can make a difference. Here to many people trying to control things. They should be looking at just plans and tactics and working with captain, and ensuring basics like fielding up to scratch.

    But if people thing the coach needs equal or more power than the captain then they are just as answerable for Asia Cup debacle. And should front the media and explain!

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