Winning on Spin Friendly Wickets Has Zero Value…

Afghanistan just thumped Bangladesh in their own backyard on a ridiculously doctored spin friendly wicket. 

  • Bangladesh played zero pace bowlers and went in with 4 spinners. Afghanistan pretty much did the same. 
  • Bangladesh’s plans basically backed fired when Afghanistan won the toss and batted first.

Sri Lanka have to stop doing the exact same strategy of creating spin doctored wickets. We are not progressing our cricket when we do this. It has backfired on us in the past, England’s tour last year being the most glaring example. The question I also have is whether we would have hammered Australia 3-0 in 2016 if the wickets were not as spin heavy as they were. 

  • In all 3 test matches our team only played one genuine pace bowler.  
  • We luckily won all 3 tosses and chose always to bat first (so we never had to deal with the pressure of chasing on a crumbling wicket)

Was it such a great achievement hammering a side who plays spin so poorly? (back then – Aus has improved since). Does it progress our cricket? 

The fact that Afghanistan can beat Bangladesh in only their 3rd test match ever shows how one sided a test match becomes when creating such spin doctored wickets. The toss should not dictate the outcome of  a test match. As a test powerhouse (which we should aspire to be), we need to create sporting true wickets where both batsmen, and all types of bowlers can thrive. If we want to go and challenge overseas, players like Lahiru Kumara need to build their capability at home. 

Please SLC – stop preparing garbage spin doctor wickets. We need to aspire for better.

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