Why Akila Dananjaya? Why Sri Lanka will never win A match till Akila Dananjaya's not in the squad

Are you kidding me SLC? Seriously? Tell me what were Akila Dhananjaya’s figures in the 2nd T20 Against Oman? Let me see did he get 4/9 (4) or did he get 0/34 (3) with a economy of over 11!!

I was just reading a comment by One of our Island Cricket Fellow Fans Mr. Susantha:

Here’s the comment 

  • But both Wanindu and Theekshana must increase their bowling speeds slightly to get the maximum purchase from the UAE tracks. I do not know why our selectors have picked Dhananjaya in the WC Squad. He bowled so badly in both Oman matches. In the last match 4 sixes were scored. With the present form he will be taken for cleaners I am sure. Since we need only two spinners in the team he can be benched but isn’t that a waste of resources. As Theekshana is so young and inexperienced there is a possibility that he will have to be replaced by the third spinner in the squad. In such scenario Praveen would have been a better option. As most of the teams have more right handers in the batting line ups a left arm orthodox spinner may be more effective. Also if Dhananjaya tries to bowl better by increasing his bowling speed there is a chance that he will be faulted by the umpires for wrong bowling action..All in all selecting Dhananjaya as the third spinner I guess is not a good choice

Now I’m no Pitch Specialist like Mr. Susantha but I also know that Akila can’t bowl properly, Now who conceded 6 Sixes in an over an lost a game for SL? So Now people will argue “Well he took a hat – trick” But still do you know he’s end figures in that Match? 3/62 with a economy of 15 Only 16 Players have conceded more than that in an T20 innings,  Now Hasaranga didn’t get a Hat- Trick that’s true but in the Same match Hasaranga bowled 4 Overs conceded 12 and got 3 wickets?! So SLC Should wake up from the expensive Era of Akila Dhananjaya.. I mean if Sri Lanka could drop their best finisher, Superb all rounder Mathews, Can’t they drop a 2 time ICC bowling action declined Akila Dananjaya? Can’t they!

Then tell me what did young Jayawickrama do to go to the Travel Reserves? Dasun has given him 1.1 overs and has conceded11! Against De Cock, You can’t law a bowler like that! That’s unfair for Sl’s Test Sensation

HOW MANY TIMES HAS AKILA DHANANJAYA DISSAPOINTED SL?, He’s more erratic, Doesn’t bowl to the field, Concedes 6s, Doesn’t take Wickets and so ON

Now, Many of us will go to cricinfo and check Akila’s stats, But this isn’t Akila Dananjaya we had way back, Because he’s bowling action has changed.. These stats are more relevant Look at Akila’s last 3 T20I  Series Bowling stats

1.  3/62 (4.0) vs WI 

2. 1/13 (4.0) vs WI

3.  0/53 (4.0) vs WI

4.  0/40 (4.0) vs ENG

5. 0/13 (1.1) vs ENG

6. 0/40 (3.0) vs IND

7. 2/29 (4.0) vs IND

8. 0/11 (4.0) vs IND

9. 0/28 (3.0) vs SA

The most relevant against Oman because we’re playing on the very Same Pitches

10. 0/16 (2.0)

11. 0/34 (3.0)

Overs Bowled      Runs Conceded      Economy        Wickets        Bo / Average

36.1                              339                  9.39                     6                     56.5

Now SLC Is are these stats good enough..? If Akila was smashed out of the park by an Asiosate nation what do you think will happen against the likes of Kholi, Rohit, Livingstone, Morgan, Williamson, Ross Taylor, Babar? ( If we qualify for the T20 WC) Do you think they will show mercy? Don’t think So

Now for the so called “experience” Akila made his debut in 2012, BUT HE HAS ONLY PLAYED 31 T20IS,  Bcaus he was twice under ICC Bowling action Probes.. 

All of your comments are welcome and I’m very sorry Mr. Susanatha if I did anything wrong and a big thanks should go to him as well.

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  1. Thanks Dilruwan, first you have produced every fact that supports SLC’s wrong decision on picking Akila as the 3rd spinner in our WC squad. Your blog also saved lot of my time as I already started a blog on the same subject but you have produced every fact. So a big salute to you. I hope Mahela will look into this issue and give his advice as SL can even make a slight change at this moment (dead line for India is 15th and not 10th).

    I also have some concern over Pathums selection. Probably selectors wanted him to play the anchor role & keeping one end safe, score more boundaries and rotate the strike by taking quick singles. His perfect technicality in shot making could be the reason for his selection. Kamindu Mendis’s more aggression (than Pathum’s) doesn;t require for this position. We also want to have a right hander and that has benefited for Pathum more than any other reason mentioned. Chandimal will be the aggressor (especially during the PP overs).