What ever happens, we love our players

No matter what happen , we love our cricket . We dont have any big dreams. No need to reach semis. Just enjoy playing next four games. If rains comes. It doesnt matter. If the pitch is green still doesnt matter.

If ICC doesnt treat us as others still dont care. We just like to see our players on the ground. Even opposition scores 380 or 400 , still doesnt matter. Just try your best to chase it. If you loose all of them , still doesnt matter. If kusal mendis get out for 0 so many times, still dont care.

We just enjoy our game. We support any good team. We are die hard fans. We are behind the team. If somebody says they earn so much ,still doesnt matter, we still support our team. Win or loose we still enjoy watching.

Specially i like to support our team when we are loosing. When we are winning it is boring to watch the games. Few suggestions to next matches.

1) bring lakmal

2) do not let malinga bowl more than two consecutive overs with the new ball. Keep him middle period with small spells

3) same with nuwan pradeep

4) thirimanne should not play at number 3

5) kusal mendis at 4 ,mathews at 5, kusal janith at 6

6) Dananjaya at 3 , thirimanne at 7

7) open with avishka rest pradeep

8) siriwardana out

Try to enjoy the game. Sorry for blaming you in social media. You enjoy the game, we enjoy watching your play.

Loosing will teach more things where we cant learn from winning. We allmost got depressed last day. Bcause we played good cricket at the top  of the inning while chasing ,but in the meddle we couldnt decide what to do and panicked.

Good luck.

Just play your natural games.

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