Upul Tharanga’s poor performance against top-quality teams


I would like to further highlight the poor performance of Tharanga against top-quality teams.

His batting average against top-quality bowling attacks is as follows:

Australia – 22 Innings – average 24.38

India – 43 innings – average 30.70

New Zealand – 19 innings – average 32.74

Pakistan – 34 innings – average 28.79

South Africa – 26 innings – average 24.80

The West Indies – 12 innings – average 27.18

England – 16 innings – average 48.14

Numbers do not lie. Only against England he has a good average. However, one must note that he scored most of his runs against England prior to 2015 when England was not a good one-day side and when they did not have a strong bowling line-up. What is more this is a guy who played test cricket for almost a decade but could not score a century against any top team. All his centuries in test cricket came against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. Even in ODI cricket his best performances are against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. His strike rate in ODI cricket is 75.93, whereas Danushka Gunathilake’s strike rate is 84.7 while his average is 32.41 out of just 36 matches. True, he is inexperienced, but he is a highly talented cricketer.

Unfortunately, he does not have a lot of support from the media like Tharanga. Tharanga is heavily backed by Rex Clementine. There are many other people in the media who back Tharanga. Tharanga is now 34 years old. We must back young talent like Danushka.

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  1. Hope and pray both Upul Tharanga and Lasith Malinga don’t get selected for the team

    Blessings for the whole nation

    I was never to be part of this blog but I saw people like yohan publishing articles and comments just blindly supporting Upul Tharanga just based on very past stats

    Whole nation laughs at you such a disgrace for the whole nation

    I will back tharanga if he scores runs in hard games that is for sure but people like you yohan

    Will curse if danushka or Dimuth is scoring runs

    That is why we as a country have failed

    I mean if you yohan have some dignity and pride in what you do

    Rather than on one player try to figure out what’s best for the nation

  2. We have to move forward as a nation

    The best 15 in the country should go to the World Cup

    Just go to the past and c

    All World Cup winning teams not only cricket take
    Football rugby also

    The best team wins not individual hero teams
    And the team with the best spirit

    • The whole prepares as a family not that Upul Tharanga will prepare separately for the World Cup

      Please yohan and other individual boosting bloggers this is for our nation alll players selected will fight for the country

      Please for the sake of the country don’t boost unesserily

      On useless players

  3. Yohan you are the once who create memes in Facebook and other social media for naturally talented players like Kusal Mendis not letting them focus on matches

    You guys are destroying the sport and the image of the country for sure

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