Untold truth of the tour to Lahore

Thisara Perera in Pakistan


A team led by Thisera Perera was the first Sri Lankan team to tour pakistan after the terrifying attack in 2009.

Pakistan cricket board and the government gave the sri lankan players the best possible security at that time and the well known factor is that Sri Lanka Cricket agreed to send a team to pakistan to take political advantages after political discussions made behind the screen.

Then what is the unknown factor of the tour to Lahore? 

Pakistan Cricket Board paid a sum of Rs 1200 lacks to the Sri Lankan Cricket where the former president and the current president directly or indirectly influenced a team to tour pakistan for their own good.

Players were told 50% of the money would be shared equally among the players and yet nothing has been shared or verbally spoken about regarding the unknown factor.

Sri Lanka Cricket got the approval from the former EXCO committee to equally share 20 lacks per player and nothing has been spoken after.

Comparing to what has happened over the years these numbers are small indeed and player are always been the victims.


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  1. It’s not a surprise that this time also the tour has been agreed by SLC for a huge sum of money to be paid by Pakistan. Why these monetary benefits SLC is going to get at the expense of players risks and insecurity are not disclosed. Anyway Pakistan has picked SLC, world’s most corrupted cricket organisation for this mega deal.

    Our govt should have been involved in this whole drama and to send our team only after the ICC has conducted an independent investigation on the security situation and given a recommendation to every cricketing country that it is now safer to tour Pakistan.

    Now Pakistan are threatening us that they will not play the matches outside the country at any cost. I think we shouldn’t have agreed at the first pace to play any matches in Pakistan without having a no objection certification from the ICC. These money hungry SL politicians and the corrupted SLC will do everything to make sure the tour will go on not caring for the players safety. And as told in the above article I am sure SLC will get a big chunk of money and players probably nothing.

  2. It’s not a shocker previous and present SLC will send a team even to Afganistan .They will do anything for money .That’s the reason for them to run SLC by hook or crook. They will remove their. …… for MONEY. Please notice has the three management has done to maintain or improve overall cricket in Sri Lanka. So there two motives money, Political gain also may be there are other unwanted reasons but not behalf of cricket, so unless present Sports Minister continues SLC or its cricket fame will be CREMATED FOR EVER

  3. Please needs to clarify what i meant by three management, from 2005 to 2014, 2015 to 2019 and present one from 2018 to date they are murdering SRI LANKA CRICKET OR AND IT’S IMAGE, Let’s pray a government with present Sports Minister will be elected if not GOOD BYE SRI LANKAN CRICKET

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