Time to go back to basics…

Nothing is working for the ODI team so it’s time go back to our late 90’s early 2000’s batting format.

Get someone to anchor the innings like Attaputu. Karunaratne anyone? Having two smashing openers upfront is not working and the rest of batting is just made up of hitters and dashers. When it all falls apart, it really falls apart.

Don’t care who the other opener is, but there needs to be an anchor. With Dimuth doing the English County circuit before the World Cup also now makes alot of sense. Would go completely bold and even make him captain (or even VC with Malinga). Kudos to the selectors for being brave/ bold with the test team, now they need to be likewise with the ODI team too. At the rate we are going, anything changing is better than no change.

Some different thinking is required. Sometimes you need to go back to crawling before you can walk.


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  1. Well said to the point hope Chief Selector take a cue let’s try to rise past is past , take a fresh start it’s time to have a solid battery as a opener so surprised still going with Dickwella, he has not learnt not grown playing like a school boy true he is talented but not as a opener. So let’s sincerely hope Mr Asantha De Mel will do the needful let’s see good results in the next two matches nothing to lose

  2. Anura, very valid point. Not sure why Niroshan is still in the side. Nice to know at least someone agrees with me. I don’t disagree with Dimuthu being brought in because he is naturally an attacking batsman not like prodder Kaushal Silva. But Dimuthu should start making runs for his county.
    Even though Asantha is contrarian, he is someone who thinks outside the box. Example Oshada Fernando. I am sincerely hope he puts an end to this idea of having non performing Niroshan Duckwella in the side. In my opinion he should not be in the side.

  3. I too agree for bringing in Dimuth to the ODI team as an opener. Agreeing for the points said about Dickwella in Anura’s and Lord’s comments except for one point. SLC has invested so much on Dickwella & that too for a quite a very long period. I would not know whether it will be a feasible thing to remove him totally from the team / squad before the WC. Probably if he continues to fail as a batsman even during WC yes we can do that. If we are bringing in Dimuth, the second opener has to be the most technically correct batsman who can handle pace (145 to 150 kph deliveries), bounce and early movement while maintaining a healthy SR above 90%. Cos opener’s SR is the most important factor for this years WC. We must target to score at least 60 to 75 runs during the first 10 overs while loosing not more than one wkt and that has never happened in the last 12 months except may be in one or two occasions.

  4. I forget to mention one point why I am not with the idea of removing Dickwells from the team / squad at this crucial moment. We do not have time to train (I mean to play another wkt keeper batsman in at least 5 to 10 matches before the WC) another wkt keeper batsman at this crucial moment and that too in a situation of having only 2 more future matches before the final squad is selected. So Dickwell has to be in the squad/team but batting at a lower position.

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