Tight schedule for Wanindu, Chameera – What will SLC do?

South african series is just a week away. IPL , Oman tour, T20 World cup are yet to follow. With this tight schedule it is uncertain whether can Wanindu Hasaranga and Chameera will participate in all of these OR rest from some .

1.South african series finishes on Sep 15 .

2. IPL starts after 4 days on September 19. Most probably a 6 day quarantine should be done in UAE. If this happens Our players  may miss the first RCB match

3.Oman tour happens during IPL 

4. World cup starts in 3 days after IPL . So Hasaranga and Chameera won’t get a break and have to go straight to World Cup.

So lets see what SLC and selectors will decide . Whether they will go with this schedule OR give players proper rest to ensure no injuries. But meanwhile  IPL experience will help alot in worldcup. So… lets see…

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