The story of Chaminda Vaas who ran the 02 km challenge in just 7 minutes

Former Sri Lanka fast bowler Chaminda Vaas has called on young cricketers to pay more attention to their fitness as modern cricket has a very logical nature.

Former Sri Lanka left-arm fast bowling coach Chaminda Vaas believes that fitness is key to the success of current cricket.

In a recent interview, Vaas said, “Every young cricketer needs to improve their fitness as modern cricket is becoming faster and more competitive.”

Although he turned 47 last month, Chaminda Vaas is still the best coach and he recently completed the challenge of running 2 km in 8 minutes and 35 seconds in 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

Vaas has competed in long-distance running for a long time to improve his fitness, and he himself runs a half-marathon every week with a distance of 21 km.

Many of the modern training methods introduced to national cricketers in recent years have been removed from distance running.

Vaas is motivated to change that, emphasizing that far-sightedness improves the overall fitness of athletes so that they can play without injuries to pass any test.


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