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Recently noticed some thing from the Australian team which i have not observed from srilankan team. May be our team had done that ,but not very regularly. The whole country’s mindset set very different , the spectators specially,even myself. We must follow that example into our game. That will help us to raise our game.

The second test match , if you remember ,during the second innings Australian captain was batting ,he was very close to his half century may be 5 or 6 runs behind ,but declared the innings. There was many overs in the day. I was rearly surprised. Why he had done it? Message is clear. Everyone plays the game to win. That is the only target.

But we are srilankan spectators specially get happy when records are broken. When centuries are scored ,highest score is broken ,five wickets ,hatricks, tripple centuries ,fastest hundred ,most catches per match. The mindset has to changed. The ultimate goal has to be winning the match. Not how you did it. The mentality should be only get happy if the match is won.

The dangerous thing about celebrating for milestones is that it will stop the desire of winning the match. Those are distractions you have within the game. We have noticed players satisfy with century or half century as they know that they couldnt win. Even as spectators we too encourage or support players when the break a record.

Australian team is a good example. We noticed how they won 3 consecutive world cups. The winning attitude specially in test cricket ,they are more desire or dream about winning. That is their only happiness. They play aggressively thinking only about winning ,without caring about statistics.

The pressure you feel when you are close to hundred may cost your wicket or dropping of your team’s run rate for extra carefulness. You must not satisfy with your personal goal. That what happened to our team. Noticed so many batters score good runs but getting out without crossing the target ,when it is few runs away, letting opposition grabbing the match.

This dont care attitude towards records or mini distractions may help you striving more on winning. The aggressive carefree mindset, like a wild  animal hunts aggressively its pray ,it cannot have its meal if it cannot catch its pray. The same is right for cricket team ,its pray is only winning. There is no other option. They cannot survive without winning. Forget about drop catches, wicket being bouncy, players getting injured, legends are retiring, opposition is strong, weather is not friendly, no crowd support, no enough experience, our batting technique is wrong, bowlers dont have the speed, batters dont have firepower or anything those are things we should not think about. Only focus should be to win. No matter if nobody has a century or half century ,or no wickets ,or no catches taken ,no sixers or anything ,just win the match.

Do not satisfy or be happy with a boundary you scored. How beautifully you played a shot ,or scoop shot or reverse sweep you hit,or word or look you acted on opposition. They all are useless. Think about the end result. That is the reason for spending five days , 2 innings of 50 overs or 20 overs. Nobody cares ,how it happened . Just focus on the end result. If loosing is what is on your mind while do each and every single delivery ,then you have to change the mindset. Not only the players even the spectators. 

Win or die.

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